9-5 Jobs, My Take On How To Become Independent…

Don’t care which job it is—hairdresser, call center, office jobs, postman, cleaner, caregiver, waitress—most of them were designed to make you a slave.

They turn you into a worker bee, shut you up, and condition you to become less and less independent.

In fact, the biggest enemy for the government is your independence.

They want you to work for minimum wage, doing something that has no meaning. The fewer questions you ask, the better.

Unless you enjoy that, why not chase something you’re really passionate about?

And if you have no idea what your passion is right now, don’t beat yourself up…

Perhaps these tips can help…

Read books about successful people for an hour a day to open your mind to new possibilities.

Join online groups where passionate people hang out, and see what they are talking about.

Turn yourself into a big sponge to absorb all the ideas you don’t even know exist right now.

In my opinion, the best place to find unlimited ideas is Magazines.com.

There are thousands of magazines about any kind of passion or subject you can imagine, sometimes even the most ridiculous things you would never think of. All profitable, all tested ideas.

One thing you can be sure of is that, once it is in the magazine, it is profitable. Businesses pay crazy money to have their ads displayed. The subjects in the magazines, for example “knitting,” are profitable niches. People spend money in those niches. So, look at the ads. Look at the headlines and see if that’s something for you.

Remember, you can become an expert in anything you want.

The funny thing is that you don’t even have to become an expert, you just have to be one step ahead of the person reading or watching your content.


Another great place is Udemy.com.

There are courses—from knitting to becoming an expert real estate agent. See if there is something you like and can imagine doing.

Etsy.com is another one, especially the category section. There are hundreds of products in any niche you can think of. Is there a niche you like?

The best-selling items on Amazon.com are also a great example where you can tap into unlimited ideas.

And so… pick something that’s closest to your heart and go fully into it.

Read books about the subject, join courses, and learn from people who are a few steps ahead of you. Keep learning until you become an expert yourself and can share your knowledge with others.

Create your own following on Instagram or Facebook like Jess did in the knitting niche.

She lost her job and had no idea what she was going to do next. It took her four months to discover that knitting is something she likes and would like to learn about. She also found that there are thousands of women wanting to learn about knitting. So, every time she learned something, she shared it on her Instagram page along with her opinions about it and photos and videos of her knitting.

In less than six months of consistently posting on her Instagram page, she built a following of over one hundred thousand followers who hang on to everything she posts. Now, two years later, she has her own course about knitting and is considered the number one knitting expert in the niche—making six figures a year selling her course, earning money from advertising, and so on.

Now, the question is, would any of that have happened if she had pursued the traditional way of finding a full-time job and slaving her time for minimum wage?

Probably not.

She would have had no time and energy and most likely would have ended up just dreaming about what it would be like to be independent and have time for herself… like most of us do.

Because having freedom in life is the best thing EVER!

You know that.

I know that….

…and so, find your passion and pursue it!

Chase your dreams until you don’t have to go to sleep to dream about them.

To learn about the number one strategy to make it all happen, follow the link below.


I hope this message helped.

All the best,


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