Day 10 Glorify Template – Adventure Race Flyer

Today I woke up uninspired.

Brain dead is how I would describe my morning.

Couldn’t think of any idea worth sharing.

But despite my shitty morning, I was able to craft a beautiful adventure-style flyer.

Happy I pushed through it.

You decide if it’s worth your time.

If yes, here is where you can download it.

Have fun..

P.S. This 30-day Glorify template challenge is called a challenge for a reason.

Like any challenge, it’s hard, but because Glorify is meant for busy entrepreneurs, small business owners, and social media influencers who don’t have the time and skills to design powerful images… with about an hour and a half on my hands, I’m proving to myself that I can design eye-catching images real fast.

Once you know how, have all the resources, graphics, and inspiration by your side, it really takes 10 minutes to come up with a beast of a design.


Hope you like it…

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