Day 12 Glorify Templates – Instagram Post Template Built In Glorify

It turns out that the greatest graphic designers control, plan, and follow certain guidelines.

Well, I don’t.

And the reason is…

As soon as I have to follow something or someone’s advice, it throws the fun out of the window. I want to design whatever I want, whenever I want and have total freedom while doing it.

Let my creative juices take over…

That’s why I don’t study graphic design in any way or shape.

Maybe because I’m worried that it will screw up the good times I’m having while designing… just like an artist is having fun, to me designing is a creative process and I want to stay away from rules, guidelines or anything thats packaged and made popular

I love the spontaneity and surprises each time I sit down to design.

Sometimes I have no idea what I’m going to design until the minute I start putting shapes together… or see something cool in my swipe file library, which, by the way, is the greatest asset I could ever wish for as a graphic designer, funnel builder, and small business owner.

And I guess this Glorify template, in some way or another, was inspired by an ad I found in my swipe file library that I go through almost every morning.

Sometimes it’s a matter of minutes, and I’m flooded with new ideas, and sometimes I need longer, but almost always, I come up with something cool to design.

And I can’t stress enough how important it is to have such a vault of great ideas, designs, and inspiration sitting by your side when crafting your Instagram content, ads, or whatever you’re working on.

Speaking of Instagram…

This Instagram template might be exactly what you’re looking for…

You can load it up into your Glorify account and in seconds turn it into powerful content selling your products, or letting your followers know what you’re up to.

Either way, you’re welcome.

Grab this beauty below for FREE…

I’ll be creating variations of these soon in the future as I like this format a lot.

So, stay tuned.

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