Day 14 – Glorify Templates – Logo Minimal

Rolling into Monday with another exciting Glorify template, this time all about minimal-style logo designs.

To be exact, there are 8 minimal logo style designs you can use for any project you want.

And if you don’t need a new logo, you can easily turn them into T-shirt designs and sell those shirts, potentially making decent money while chilling on the beach.

Or even better, use them as inspiration for much bigger projects.

Like crafting powerful websites, landing pages, sales funnels, or even your own offers.

These Glorify templates could be turned into anything, for that matter…

Let your ideas go wild and expand upon them.

Create full-blown ads, website banners, business cards—whatever you want.

The only thing you can’t do is resell the template as it is. Additionally, you’re not allowed to upload them to any template directory, your own website, or anywhere else and ask for money for them or give them away for free.

That’s called stealing, and it’s not cool…

If you do end up stealing my work in any shape or form, and I find out, or my followers notify me, I’ll take legal action against you with such force that you’ll be hiding for the rest of your life.

Just don’t do it…

It’s not worth it.

Use your brain instead and come up with new ideas. Turn this Glorify template into something you’ll be proud of.

Here is where you can grab them…

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