Day 18 – Glorify Templates – Multiple Streams Of Income

You’re not a Superman, Batman, Hitman, or whatever man.

Neither are you Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, or Batgirl.

You don’t have superpowers!

The only power you possess is simply showing up and doing the work. One step at a time, at your own pace.

If you want multiple sources of income, you’ll first have to have one. Focus on two, and it’s like chasing two rabbits…

You’ll end up catching none.

When I first enrolled in the 7DayShift course, I wanted golden bricks served on a golden platter, and I wanted them now. I was the person who wanted 10 different businesses and to run them all at the same time. Make millions. Do all the crazy things I saw others do online. I wanted money as fast as possible.

Then, reality kicked in, and I found myself face down, swiping the floor. I totally failed to understand that any success, offline or online, takes time, hard work, determination… or even better, consistent work over a long period of time.

This failure to realize that it ain’t peaches and cream cost me a ton. I got scared. The fear of being ridiculed took over.

At one point, I was so scared I could hardly say hi to new members in the 7-Day Shift community.

But… what the 7-Day course taught me was priceless.

Almost 5 years later, I can say I’m killing it.

Confident again.

On top of the game.

Making high ticket commissions as an affiliate for the 7-Day Shift course.

Anyway… why am I telling you this?

Because I wanted you to know that it’s stupid to focus on multiple streams of income. You need one strategy. One high ticket product and nail that b*tch.

Now let me say this…

You’re the luckiest person under the sun for discovering 7DayShift.

If you join the course using my affiliate link, I’m gonna send you my resources I use to promote the course so that you can start making commissions as soon as possible as well.

Anyway, you should be celebrating right now.

Hit it hard, and you won’t recognize your life a year from now. That’s my promise to you.

But first, join the course.

Here is where to go..

P.S. Here is the Glorify template from today…

And here is where to GRAB THE TEMPLATE

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