Day 2 // Glorify Templates – 30 Day Challenge

Yesterday, I started a new challenge in Glorify.

Designing one Glorify template every day for 30 days straight and giving it away for free…

But then, packaging them all and selling them for $10 USD… for those who don’t want to waste their valuable time trying to find them.

I saw something similar back when I was looking for inspiration, and I found another designer doing the same thing.

Offering templates for free for those who follow him daily, and then offering the same templates for a small price to those who don’t have time and just found his website…

The marketing angle is then different.

Once this project is finished, I could also give it away as a bonus to other products or when promoting Glorify.

I could say…

When you sign up for Glorify through my affiliate link, here is what you’re going to get immediately…

You’re going to get my 30-Day design challenge containing 30 unique designs crafted with busy small business owners in mind and setting them ahead of their competition

You will also get my custom graphics pack, which includes shades, gradients, textures, font library, mockups, and dozens of other gifts you won’t find anywhere on the internet – all working in harmony with Glorify like you’ve never seen before.

And finally, I’m going to give you special assets to boost your social media game… from frameworks, to social boosters, to content calendars… everything a small business owner needs to succeed online.

And no…

I’m not going to be charging you $997 for it like others would do.

You’re getting all these bonuses for free when you join Glorify design tool using my affiliate link below.

And then…

You plug your affiliate link for Glorify and drive traffic to it.

And make hefty commissions doing so.

Retire early or whatever your dream is.

But do you see the point?


Well… the point is… if you’re already using a design tool like in my example, it’s Glorify, why would you not create bonuses around this tool and give them away to get more people to sign up?

There will be people asking you what this tool is and if it’s worth it.

You might as well sell the darn tool and make some money doing what you love.


Just an idea for you.

Now enjoy today’s Glorify template.

You can download it here…


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