Day 3 Of Designing One Glorify Template A Day For 30 Days

Today is day 3 of the Glorify template challenge, and I couldn’t be more excited…

…especially because I enjoy this format – designing one Glorify template a day and posting it online…

But also because the weather outside is getting warmer, which means one thing… a ton of adventures are coming up.

Last year, my girlfriend and I traveled to Austria and spent an amazing time in the Alps.

This year, we’re heading to the northeast of the Czech Republic… but what’s interesting about these adventures is that every time I go anywhere outside the Netherlands, I seem to get a burst of ideas for new projects.

It’s like being let outside of the cage, and the world is the playground.

Everything from trees, rivers, lakes, different cultures, languages, the atmosphere, but also the style of buildings, advertisements, billboards, statues, historic treasures, gardens, literally everything seems to inspire me in some way and gives me a ton of ideas.

That’s why I can’t recommend traveling enough… and having your mind tuned for new ideas like an Athena searching for a new signal every time you change location.

I keep track of all these ideas using Upnote

And if there’s something I want to work on right away, I put it in and, based on urgency, give it a priority.

But anyway…

Because it’s the time of the year when I’m getting ready for a ton of adventures, I’m immediately tuned to adventure, travel-style designs.

And yesterday, I had this logo idea in my head that is simple and straightforward.

And as you can see, some of the color palettes make it look better than others… something I like to play with at the end and give more variations.

My favorite color palette is the first one (the gray) as I like the simplicity of it.

It gives me the feeling of minimalism.


This design could be used as a logo but also as a t-shirt design.

If you’re interested, you can grab it below.

Change the text to whatever you like and voilà, you’ve got yourself a nice design.


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