Find The Winner…Designing An Ad For Myself

Another fantastic Glorify Sunday morning session… this time featuring images of myself…

What would I do if I had to create an ad for myself to appeal to small business owners and encourage them to hire me?

What kind of images would I need to create?

Excellent question…

And so, I got to work.

My girlfriend took photos of me. I edited those photos in Lightroom and then imported them into Glorify.

Even though I like all of them, I would probably more variations of the same designs, write different copy, try different headlines and then test them first.

Find out which one works best, gets most responses from people through comments, likes, and questions… and based on that, determine which one to use for a real ad.

Because sometimes we think (and I’m as guilty of it as anyone else) that we’ve hit a home run, only to realize that it’s the worst performer and no one likes it.


I suppose the lesson for today is…


See how your market, people in your niche respond to it first before you invest a significant budget, only to realize it didn’t work.

And if it doesn’t work, change the message, change the design, change the color palette… whatever it takes until you find the winner.


Here is what I’ve designed this morning.


Do you want me to share this Glorify project file with you as a Glorify template? I could turn it into a template and give it to you.

If yes… hit me up.

Comment “find the winner” below and I’ll send it to you.

You’ll need those two fonts uploaded in your Glorify Brand Kit.

  • Heading Now,
  • Knockout Bold

…before you can use this project, otherwise it won’t work.

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