How I’m Doubling Down and Eliminating Distractions (1 July Update)

Alright, here’s the game plan for the second half of the year:

  • Double down on what’s already killing it.
  • Cut out the junk.
  • Amp up the quality of what’s already out there.

    Case in point:

    • My offer for Glorify needs a slick new pitch.
    • The Glorify template website needs a serious facelift.
    • The Giant Swipe File library of magazine ads? It’s moving to Carrd!

    The offer, even though it’s free, needs to hit harder for a specific crowd. I want this resource to be respected, useful, and invaluable — not something that collects dust.

    Beyond that, I’ll be cranking out updates, maintaining, and cooking up new content for my personal blog.

    I’m also gonna let you peek behind the curtain into my “work/design life” with graphic design videos that show you how I craft killer content, ads, and flyers.

    Expect a treasure trove of tips on how to craft stunning images with simple tools like Glorify and more.

    These are gonna be no-nonsense, silent videos where I capture the magic as it happens.

    You’ll be able to grab the templates and do whatever you want with them.


    Last week, I stumbled on something that knocked my socks off.

    Ever heard of Martijn Doolaard and his jaw-dropping videos? If you haven’t, drop everything and sprint over to his YouTube channel. His videos are nothing short of spectacular!

    I’ve seen a ton of videos, but this is on a whole different level. I haven’t been this fired up and inspired in a long time.

    What gets me pumped, besides the breathtaking locations and the idea of living a simpler, more fulfilling life, is the sheer quality of his content.

    The storytelling is on another planet. The way he shoots his videos — the framing, the angles, the overhead shots, the colors, every tiny detail, including the sound and music in the background — made his videos my go-to whenever I’m overwhelmed, stressed, and need a breather.

    Even though it’s not about graphic design, making money online, or business in general, I’ve pulled dozens of business lessons from it.

    More importantly, it’s a wake-up call that one day we’re gonna be burried under the ground. Watching Martijn chase his dream is more than just inspiring.

    Alright, enough chit-chat. Time to get back to work.

    Here’s what’s on the plate for this week…

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