Day 27 – Glorify Templates – Fitness Template

This morning, I had a little glitch in Glorify. Lost a project I worked on for 2 hours and couldn’t recover it.

It disappeared like a passing cloud after a heavy storm… gone, just like that.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because, in that moment, I had an overwhelming urge to throw my laptop out the window, unsubscribe from Glorify, and never, ever mention it again.

But then, I remembered my time in Africa…in a small village called Lirangwe in Malawi. Just me, breathtaking landscapes, and a handful of villagers. No electricity. No running water. Six months of roughing it.

And in that instant, as if by magic, I felt a wave of calm wash over me.

Why am I stressing so much?

I put my laptop back on the table, grateful I hadn’t smashed it to pieces.

After cooling off, I sat back down and design the template again.

And guess what?

This time, it worked!

Before it hits the Glorify marketplace, you can download it right here…

P.S. When the Glorify 30 day challenge is finished… now it’s day 27, I’ll come back to these templates and add to it – make it a hell of bundle. But for now I’m sharing it with you the way it is. Enjoy

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