Day 8 – Glorify Templates – Simona Jones 

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.”

Not sure who said it, but it’s dead on the money…

I’ve been guilty of this for years…

Maybe you have too…

Every year, I have a ton of new ideas. Projects I want to work on.

I write them down.

Spend months thinking about them.

But I hardly start any of them.

For example…

My photography project.

I thought about doing a 365-day project, sharing one photo a day and building my social media following for almost a year before I actually started.

And when I finally did… people loved it.

I sold books, flyers, booklets, brochures, post cards and for a while, I turned it into a full-time gig.

And so… until you start, you will never know what might come out of it.

It’s better to start and get ridiculed than it is to never start and keep wondering what the project could have been like.

To help you start…

Here is my Day 8 Glorify template project I crafted with love, for anyone who wants to start dominating the online space right off the bat.

You can grab this Glorify template below…

Have fun!

Day 7 – Glorify Challenge – Surfing Hero

Rolling into Monday with a new Glorify template

This time, it’s all about surfing.

When I was in New Zealand, a friend of mine was big on surfing.

We used to drive to Tawharanui Peninsula (about an hour and a half from Auckland)… a beautiful place with awesome beaches, cliffs, and great hikes around the peninsula.

When the weather was right, the waves would be spot on!

I’m not really into surfing… so I would pick up my old, trusty Nikon D90 (mind you, back in 2008 this ancient camera was a big deal) and I would go around the beach, looking for textures, taking photos of the landscapes and him surfing and so on…


A few years later, he became an instructor – teaching kids how to surf.

Back then, it was difficult to build landing pages… not to mention creating a membership site.

The tools we know today didn’t exist back in 2008… wasn’t even in planning yet.

Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Optimizepress, none of them existed.

Optimizepress, which I started using from 2011, became my favorite landing page builder until Leadpages took over.

So imagine… it was a real mission to set up and run a membership site.

And I don’t remember how he pulled it off.

All I know is… I handed him a bunch of graphics, hero images, widget ads, and wished him good luck.

But anyway…

Why am I telling you this?

To realize that you’re living in some of the best times ever. If you want to start a new business, build a new landing page, build a new course, membership without any coding skills whatsoever.

And build it in just a couple of hours using, for example,

And the part that amuses me the most… do it for FREE!

So there really are no excuses here.


If you want today’s Glorify template, you can grab it below.


Day-6 Glorify Templates – Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking for templates with travel, cooking outdoors and adventure feel, check out the day 03 of the challenge… it’s where I designed template about my favorite stove…

Access it here:

If you like modern, minimalistic style designs and looking for simple and beautiful templates that will catch attention from even the most addicted social media scroller, then I might have one for you here:

Alright, today is Sunday…

We’re now rolling into day 6 of the Glorify Templates 30 days design challenge where for 30 days I share one Glorify template you can download for free.

And today’s template is for Real Estate agents.

Click the link below and it’ll take you to the page where you can download it for free.

All the best…

Libor Designer…

“Early adopter and proud user of Glorify”

Day-5… Glorify Template – Akai MPK Mini

Today’s Glorify Template design is about my favorite instrument.


If you’re a music producer, you know what I’m talking about…

Download this template into your Glorify and see what you can do with it.

Here is where to go;


You’ll need Archivo Expanded Black font for this template to display correctly. First upload it to your Brand Kit library in Glorify and then try this template.

Day-4 Glorify Template Challenge – Camper Stove

Yesterday’s Glorify template (a logo-style design) was fun to create and is available for you to grab.

Today, I’ve got something different…

Today’s Glorify template is based on my favorite thing in the world… cooking a meal outdoors, with a beer, while parked in a beautiful spot.

When I was driving across New Zealand, this was the best thing ever…

Every evening, we would park the car in a magnificent spot, mostly surrounded by nothing else but stunning nature, and start prepping our meal…

And then… wait for sunset.

If you woke me up at 3 am and asked me what freedom means to me, this is what I would tell you…

…because there is nothing better than having…

No schedule…

No plans…

No responsibilities…

No phone…

No bills…

No bullshit…

Just you, your rig, your bullet-proof gear, and pure nature wherever you look.

Living in the moment!

So, one evening we were parked just outside of Auckland on the west coast, at a beach called Muriwai, sitting on the cliff and waiting for sunset…

Never have I felt so good in my life… knowing that everything I own is packed in the car, in a small backpack. I have nothing to worry about whatsoever, and I know that for at least one year, I’m going to do whatever the heck I want… and nobody can stop me.

That feeling is unbelievable!

And I remember saying to my friend as the sun went down that I wouldn’t like to be anywhere else… and to never forget this moment.

It’s fixed in my mind forever!

And it inspired me to design this template…

See the full package that includes hero image, Instagram posts, ads and more by clicking the link below…


Day 3 Of Designing One Glorify Template A Day For 30 Days

Today is day 3 of the Glorify template challenge, and I couldn’t be more excited…

…especially because I enjoy this format – designing one Glorify template a day and posting it online…

But also because the weather outside is getting warmer, which means one thing… a ton of adventures are coming up.

Last year, my girlfriend and I traveled to Austria and spent an amazing time in the Alps.

This year, we’re heading to the northeast of the Czech Republic… but what’s interesting about these adventures is that every time I go anywhere outside the Netherlands, I seem to get a burst of ideas for new projects.

It’s like being let outside of the cage, and the world is the playground.

Everything from trees, rivers, lakes, different cultures, languages, the atmosphere, but also the style of buildings, advertisements, billboards, statues, historic treasures, gardens, literally everything seems to inspire me in some way and gives me a ton of ideas.

That’s why I can’t recommend traveling enough… and having your mind tuned for new ideas like an Athena searching for a new signal every time you change location.

I keep track of all these ideas using Upnote

And if there’s something I want to work on right away, I put it in and, based on urgency, give it a priority.

But anyway…

Because it’s the time of the year when I’m getting ready for a ton of adventures, I’m immediately tuned to adventure, travel-style designs.

And yesterday, I had this logo idea in my head that is simple and straightforward.

And as you can see, some of the color palettes make it look better than others… something I like to play with at the end and give more variations.

My favorite color palette is the first one (the gray) as I like the simplicity of it.

It gives me the feeling of minimalism.


This design could be used as a logo but also as a t-shirt design.

If you’re interested, you can grab it below.

Change the text to whatever you like and voilà, you’ve got yourself a nice design.


Day 2 // Glorify Templates – 30 Day Challenge

Yesterday, I started a new challenge in Glorify.

Designing one Glorify template every day for 30 days straight and giving it away for free…

But then, packaging them all and selling them for $10 USD… for those who don’t want to waste their valuable time trying to find them.

I saw something similar back when I was looking for inspiration, and I found another designer doing the same thing.

Offering templates for free for those who follow him daily, and then offering the same templates for a small price to those who don’t have time and just found his website…

The marketing angle is then different.

Once this project is finished, I could also give it away as a bonus to other products or when promoting Glorify.

I could say…

When you sign up for Glorify through my affiliate link, here is what you’re going to get immediately…

You’re going to get my 30-Day design challenge containing 30 unique designs crafted with busy small business owners in mind and setting them ahead of their competition

You will also get my custom graphics pack, which includes shades, gradients, textures, font library, mockups, and dozens of other gifts you won’t find anywhere on the internet – all working in harmony with Glorify like you’ve never seen before.

And finally, I’m going to give you special assets to boost your social media game… from frameworks, to social boosters, to content calendars… everything a small business owner needs to succeed online.

And no…

I’m not going to be charging you $997 for it like others would do.

You’re getting all these bonuses for free when you join Glorify design tool using my affiliate link below.

And then…

You plug your affiliate link for Glorify and drive traffic to it.

And make hefty commissions doing so.

Retire early or whatever your dream is.

But do you see the point?


Well… the point is… if you’re already using a design tool like in my example, it’s Glorify, why would you not create bonuses around this tool and give them away to get more people to sign up?

There will be people asking you what this tool is and if it’s worth it.

You might as well sell the darn tool and make some money doing what you love.


Just an idea for you.

Now enjoy today’s Glorify template.

You can download it here…


Crafting Glorify Templates – 30 Days Challenge

Day #1

Recently, I’ve been playing with the idea of crafting one design each day for 30 days and immediately turning it into a usable template people can download and do whatever they want with it.

Let’s say you’re starting a new online business and finding it difficult to come up with graphics, logos, content ideas…

…branding is as foreign to you as cave exploring… and you’re seeking inspiration to kickstart your projects and get going…

…and while you’ve been poking around, you stumble upon a killer design that you really like, fits your imagination, and you know your customers will respond well to it… and want to use this design style immediately.

Well, you’ll be able to download it into your Glorify and customize it however you like.

Without worrying about the layout, color palettes, which fonts to use, and other essential graphic design geeky things that might not matter to you but without them, the branding, the design looks less than stellar.

And so… I’m kicking this off with a design below. And each day for 30 days straight, I’ll upload one design to my website,, where you’ll be able to download them.

The format will be as follows:

Glorify design template…

A brief description…

And a link to download it.

And yes, all my Glorify templates will be free.

Let’s start with this one.

Glorify Templates - Instagram Post - Day 1

If you like this design, you can download it here;


P.S. if you don’t have Glorify design tool, here is where to get it.

Try their 14-Day Trial and see if you like it

Rolling Into Monday With Graphic Design Tips…

Right after I showed you how easy it is to take any of the Glorify templates from the library and make quick changes to it…

I got this message…

“Great but I’m not good at this”

…to which I replied, of course not… especially not when before you even commit to a project, you start telling yourself that you’re not good at something.

By the way, I’ve done that in the past myself.

It’s natural but hang on it too long, and you’re limiting yourself from who you can become.

So many of my ideas went to trash just because I talked myself out of it…

My thoughts took over and I’ve never even started the project.

And so… the best thing you can do is to…

  • Design with low expectations.

If it’s not gonna work and you have to scrap the idea and start the project again…

…well, so be it!

No one’s gonna cut your hands off for screwing up…

  • Play like you were a kid.

Kids like to play. They’re in their world and couldn’t care less about what you think about them screwing something up… and I’m telling you, if you want your project to spark with confidence, attract your customers, and have this irresistible feel to it whenever you look at it, well, you better play like a kid when you design…

Experiment with graphics, elements, layouts, fonts, colors… Don’t be afraid to break the rules to come up with something unique and easily recognized as your style.

  • Trigger the Viewer..

…Is my way of thinking about it. Every time I go design a new project, I always think about how I can trigger the person viewing the design/content on the other side.

And so… figure out what they go through in their lives. Who are they in the first place? What are their beliefs? What do they watch in their spare time?

For example…

If you have an audience that watches a specific TV series on Netflix and you know what it is, well, you can get a ton of ideas from that TV series for your next design.

And be almost certain, your followers will respond to it well.

Perhaps even buy whatever you’re selling because you’re talking their language, tapping into their psyche… and so on.

There is so much you can do prior to designing your content, product images, flyers, and more that will increase your chances to gain a new follower or steer the one you have into taking action and buying your products…

From the pre-design, to actual design, to final result, and then the marketing you do afterward.

And as I write these emails, letting you pick my brain, hopefully you’ll learn tips and tricks on how to go about designing killer ads, content or whatever you’re working on.

If you want more details, you can join my email list… where I also share my Glorify templates and go more in-depth about the projects I design, the psychology behind it and things to avoid.

You can sign up here…

Find The Winner…Designing An Ad For Myself

Another fantastic Glorify Sunday morning session… this time featuring images of myself…

What would I do if I had to create an ad for myself to appeal to small business owners and encourage them to hire me?

What kind of images would I need to create?

Excellent question…

And so, I got to work.

My girlfriend took photos of me. I edited those photos in Lightroom and then imported them into Glorify.

Even though I like all of them, I would probably more variations of the same designs, write different copy, try different headlines and then test them first.

Find out which one works best, gets most responses from people through comments, likes, and questions… and based on that, determine which one to use for a real ad.

Because sometimes we think (and I’m as guilty of it as anyone else) that we’ve hit a home run, only to realize that it’s the worst performer and no one likes it.


I suppose the lesson for today is…


See how your market, people in your niche respond to it first before you invest a significant budget, only to realize it didn’t work.

And if it doesn’t work, change the message, change the design, change the color palette… whatever it takes until you find the winner.


Here is what I’ve designed this morning.


Do you want me to share this Glorify project file with you as a Glorify template? I could turn it into a template and give it to you.

If yes… hit me up.

Comment “find the winner” below and I’ll send it to you.

You’ll need those two fonts uploaded in your Glorify Brand Kit.

  • Heading Now,
  • Knockout Bold

…before you can use this project, otherwise it won’t work.

Publishing Is Like A Drug

Have you seen the video when Russell Brunson talks about one of the most powerful secret in marketing – making him who he is today… 

What’s the secret?


Here is the thing about publishing you don’t know about… 

When you publish consistently for at least 365 days you not only build a powerful habit but your audience is going to notice that you’re a serious player and they’re more likely to stick around…

Publishing for a long time will refine your style… you’ll also find your voice which for some is a taboo…

Once I heard that publishing everyday is like a drug…

Skip once and start feeling the widraws…

And so anyway…. 

Here is the quick tip…

Keep publishing everyday… 

Consistency is key here. 


P.S. You could use something like to start your free blog and start publishing right away. 

Why Systeme and not WordPress or any other blog platforms out there? 

Because it’s easier to use… and not as technical as wordpress.

You can have a free landing page, up to 2000 subscribers on your list, build 3 sales funnels, create a course, have unlimited storage space, set up an order bump, 24/7 email support… 

…even use your own domain name… 

And you can have all of it, everything I mentioned here for zero…


No more excuses… saying things like… ohhh this is too expensive because it’s not. 

IT’S FREE for you to start publishing, build your email list of subscribers, and make muney selling whatever you want to sell and begin your journey with what I believe is the best all-in-one tool out there. 

The choice is yours.

Want Graphic Design Tips, Glorify Tuts… Join in!

Yesterday, even though it was my birthday, I worked my ass off to finish this opt-in page, which I had committed to completing by the end of the week.

Thanks to, I’m ahead of schedule.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

A simple opt-in page with a hook and a button to get you on my list.

Nothing fancy.

Nothing complicated.

The idea is to get you on my email list and start sending you valuable content…

Why an email list?

Simply because it’s a better medium for communication: more reach, consistency, automation, deliverability, and a few other reasons.

For example…

I could create a mini-course on what to NEVER do when crafting images for your landing pages… and then show you what I’ve been doing and take you through the steps.

  • How to plan and design 30 days’ worth of content in Glorify.
  • How to design pro-level product images in lightning speed.
  • What actually makes your social media content turn heads.
  • The ultimate, easy-to-implement technique I picked up from an old-school graphic designer with 35 years of “deep in the trenches” experience.
  • The one thing you must do before you even open Glorify and start crafting powerful images.
  • My favorite Glorify features I use all the time.
  • How knowing this simple tip will improve your Instagram carousels almost instantly.
  • How to design beautiful, high-converting images without knowing anything about graphic design.
  • How to use graphic elements in your Glorify libraries and turn them into a gratifying piece of art people will salivate over.
  • What makes great design great?
  • What fonts to NEVER use in your advertising.
  • What fonts should you choose for your project.
  • 7 Graphic design tips every beginner or a pro designer must know.

And a ton of more interesting, jaw-dropping content that could be heading your way if you decide to join my mailing list…

It’s almost ready.

Perhaps another month or two…

You can join the waiting list below…

And I’ll shoot you an email when it’s lined up and ready.

Here is where to go:

I’m 42 today 

To be honest with you, I don’t care about age… it’s just a number.

Sometimes I feel it here and there, especially after my inline skating sessions, but compared to when I was 38, I feel great!

You see, when I was 38, I looked like crap, ate like crap, and had almost zero energy most of the day.

Now, I’m killing it!

Anyway, I just want to encourage you. If you think 42 years is old and your life is over, think again.

Think of Donald Fisher and his Gap clothes… he started after he turned 40 with absolutely zero experience in retail.

How about Sam Walton, whose real success began at the age of 44 when he founded the first Wal-Mart?

Or Henry Ford, who was 45 when he created the revolutionary Model T car…

And a ton of more examples…

The thing is, you can become a badass motherf**ker 6 months from now if you give it a shot.

I’ve got way more energy now than when I was 38, and all I did was change three things:

  1. How I sleep. I added an hour to my sleeping schedule.
  2. I started inline skating.
  3. And I eat a bit better. Nothing too crazy.

And that’s it.

So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve just turned 42.

Life ain’t over yet…

Go out there and make shit happen.

Promised Glorify Template Ready For Download…

About two weeks ago, I found this quote that I really liked:


I liked it so much that I decided to do something with it.

So, I opened my trusty old swipe file with all the magazine ads I’m talking about, like a broken radio that you should start building for yourself…

…and while I was scrolling through those magazine ads, I stumbled upon an idea that developed into this quote-style design.

And then, I liked it even more and decided to expand on it by trying different color palette variations and now I’m giving it away as a template.

The fonts you’ll need to upload into your Brand Kit for it to work are called:

  • Heading Now
  • Matter

If you don’t want to pay for the Matter font, just use another one like Work Sands or Montserrat.


Download this template right now before the edges burn; Watch out though, it’s hot and high in demand…

Download it here for free:

By the way, just to be clear… the link is also my affiliate link, meaning I’ll get a commission if you decide to join Glorify using the link above.

If you already have Glorify, you have nothing to worry about. Just click the link above and download the template.

Make something good out of it…

Let’s go!

Recent Glorify Session… Question Answered!

Recently, I designed this simple FB post and received some questions…

One of them was about the color palette…

To which I replied…

The color palette is taken from an ad that used to run in one of the outdoors magazines.

I took a screenshot and opened it in Glorify, where I used the color picker to sample the colors and create my own version of the color palette.

It’s something you can do when you see colors you really like.

Now, to take it a step further, add it to your “Brand Kit” so that you can use it in any project.

If you do that, it will appear in your libraries under the Brand Kit –> Brand Palettes panel.

Select your canvas, go to your brand Kit, Brand Pallets and click few times on the color pallet you’ve just added and see how it changes the look and feel of your design.

Personally, it’s my favorite feature in Glorify.

But anyway…

The takeaway from this short message is…

Have a swipe file of great ads, designs, and create color palettes from it, and then use them in your projects.

For more great tips and hot Glorify tutorials, hop on my email list.

It’s where I share what I learn about graphic design, design tools like Glorify, and what makes great design great… to join in, click the link below…

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