Day 29 – Glorify Templates – Wild Swimming Template

Before the internet, as a kid, I used to sit down and imagine.

Heavily influenced by my surroundings and the things I observed, I got into drawing.

I never questioned my ability to draw; I drew because I loved it.

I couldn’t care less about who was going to like it or anything like that.


I drew because it made me feel good.

Nowadays, it’s the same thing. When I design, I design because it makes me feel good. I get sooooo into it that sometimes I completely lose track of time and forget to take a break. Like a kid, I’m playing, experimenting, and developing a feel for the design…

…and it’s in that process I find myself.

So, don’t just do things because someone else told you to. Find a true passion, something that makes you feel alive.

That’s what it’s all about…

At least in my opinion.


If you want today’s Glorify template, influenced by my travels across New Zealand while swimming in the most pristine waters New Zealand has to offer and my favorite time of my life, here is where to download it.

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