01 Glorify Design Session (Template Bundle Coming Up)

Glorify templates

Another interesting design from yesterday’s Glorify session.

Somehow, I ended up finishing a project an hour earlier and took that time to design this quote I found in my personal swipe file.

Something I wrote about yesterday.

If you don’t have your personal swipe file and are constantly building it up, adding things to it that you like or things that inspire you, you’re simply missing out…

Not just for the fact that it helps you find new ideas but also, you get a glimpse into what’s working right now.

What people are sharing…

What quotes have been reposted over and over again.

So, no matter from what angle you’re looking at it, building your own swipe file is a must in my opinion.

What I would suggest here is that you start collecting ads, quotes, posts that have big engagement, were either shared a ton of times or liked, or both, and then take inspiration from them.

Actually, anything that went viral, I would collect and see if I could grab some ideas from it… or even recreate it in my own style…

It’s a strategy taught in many courses I went through in the last year… like the 7-Day Shift that teaches you everything you need to know to create viral 7-second videos and what to do with all the followers, where to send them, how to interact with them, and how to set up an automated system that sends pre-written emails for you – promoting high ticket products that will earn you $1600 every time someone purchases through your link…

And guess what?

Once you have it all set up… you can go into your swipe file and start piggy-backing from viral videos, posts, or anything that had high engagement… and then remake it in your own style…

But more about it in the course…

In case you’re interested, I’ll leave a link below.


Yes, it is my affiliate link.

P.S. Let me know what you think about the design? Is there anything you would have done differently? Soon, I’ll be sharing a full set as a template with all the pre-designed elements and sizes. When it’s done, I’ll write a quick note and let you know where to get it.

Have fun!

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