Day 20 – Glorify Templates – Knife

Here is what you get when you download this Glorify Template:

  • Three mouth-watering HD Banners that will captivate your audience’s attention more than a sizzling steak on a hungry grill.

  • 4 Powerful Instagram posts of the knife product (use any product you want), that will magnetize your audience like a high-voltage force field, sparking engagement, igniting curiosity, and driving traffic straight to your doorstep.

  • Flyer design (replace the product image with yours), that will turn heads like a captivating masterpiece, drawing eyes to your brand and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

And more if you choose to see it.

The fonts used in this Glorify template are:

Montserrat, Oswald…

…a combination that just works together.

If you’re interested, download it below…

Not only will you see all “the behind-the-scenes” of how the layers are laid out, but you’ll also get my favorite textures, learn about the color palettes, and more.

For as little as $5 USD…

Yours today…


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