Piss Off Evernote!

And your stupid pop ups while I’m trying to write.  

Piss off, really! 

I mean it!

You’ve been distracting me for a while now and it’s time you leave me the fuck alone. 

I’m not paying you anything, EVER!

In fact, you know what? 

I found much better alternative.

It’s called UpNote. 

And you know what the best thing about UpNote is? 

They sync my notes across all devices.

And It ACTUALLY works!

No matter the nature of the device.

This means that I can write on my iPad (like I’m doing now), and then come home and review it on my PC. 

It’s a true miracle!

And guess what?

There are no distracting pop ups when I’m trying to brain bump my thoughts or write something important.

It’s distraction free.

Last week I imported 3000+ notes into UpNote, customized the look of the app and changed the font and size for better note taking experience and the experience was smooth as sail.

And for as little as 30 bucks, I have it for life.

You know what that means, aye? 

Goodbye Evernote!

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