4 Of My Favorite Fonts This Month

Since Glorify introduced custom fonts, I jumped on it like ants on a Snickers bar, creating a small library of fonts I’ve used in just about every design I’ve ever made.

From social media posts to website banners and everything in between.

So it felt a bit disappointing at first to learn that Glorify won’t support custom fonts when sharing glorify templates. Meaning that if I want to share my Glorify templates with you, I either have to tell you the name of the font and you go and download it and then upload it to your Glorify brand kit, or I only use Google fonts…

I guess it’s not the end of the world…

But why?

Why not do something like what Canva did?

There are so many beautiful fonts out there… Hundreds if not thousands of them… and some of them don’t even come close to Google fonts, and yes, they’re free to download, and yes, you can use them for commercial purposes…

And it doesn’t matter if you’re designing ads, flyers, posters, banners, and so on, they simply look amazing with any project.

But anyway… such is life.

I’m using them anyway…

Here are four of my favorite fonts I’m playing with right now…

  • Aspekta family
  • Heading Now
  • Chunk Five Print
  • Satoshi family

These fonts are on top of my list and work great with so many designs. Download them and upload them to your Glorify brand kit.

By the way, speaking of Glorify templates, I’m building my own library at glorifytemplates.com

Right now, there is not much but this about to change as I’m adding new templates.

If you’re interested in getting high-quality, niche-specific, and then later, product-specific templates for your social media, websites, sales funnels, marketing, etc., you’ll find it there.

Now with this off my chest, I wanted to share with you my new design that got inspired by an adult show I watched with my girlfriend not too long ago…

If you’re selling anything seksy, adult-related, this color palette, graphics, and the vibe of the design could help you bring more eye-balls to your store, and help you sell more of your products.

The fonts used in this project I’ll reveal next time.

Here, I share my Glorify template library again in case you’ve missed it… glorifytemplates.com

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